Grade 1

The wonderful Grade 1 at SEK International School Qatar

Arts Week 2018

Arts Week has been a huge success across the PYP. We would like to thank all the parents who came to the Grade 1 Arts Morning. We hope you enjoyed our special Broccoli dance. We also would like to say a special thanks to the parents who got involved in the fitness activities. We really enjoyed teaching you how to stay healthy!

Our fruit portraits are super special and we can’t wait for you to see the finished product. Having you here was such a great experience for us!

We have also used this week to study an artist called Piet Mondrian in Grade 1A and Pablo Picasso in 1B. We made one big art display and were really engaged with our chosen artist.

Happy Arts Week!!

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Staying Healthy!


What an interesting unit we have been exploring so far?! We inquired about healthy habits and creating our own balanced diet. We also had the opportunity to invite one of our student’s mother, Ms. Rebekah to talk to us about what vegans eat and what is a plant-based diet. She also shared with us a yummy hummus recipe that tasted so good.
Thank you, Ms. Rebekah, for coming to our class and sharing this information and recipe with us.

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Field Trip to CanDo 2018

Last Monday, both Grade 1 classes went on a field trip to Can Do – this is an interactive play space, located in Gate Mall. This was exciting for the children as it was their first field trip as Grade 1’s. They also made their own lunch on the day before and were very excited when it was finished, they said “it looks like a real sandwich!” All of the students also were encouraged to eat some strawberries, carrots, tomatoes and yoghurt. They had each of the four main food groups; fruits & vegetables, protein, dairy and carbohydrates.

Each student was given an electronic wrist band. Points were earned and collected by completing an active game (for example; rowing, step movement, drumming, boxing and wall climbing). These games were designated in Green and Yellow zones. Once enough points were collected, the children could spend their points on sedentary games in the designated Red Zone (for example; 4D interactive movie, video games, arcade style games, car racing and pin ball). Upon reflection, the 4D movie was the overall favourite! We made the connection of the IB learner profile attribute ‘Balanced’ as we spoke about exercise and play. This was all linked with our current unit of inquiry “Let’s Stay Healthy!” After one hour of hard work, the students got to eat their self-made packed lunch.

In the last part of the trip, Can Do organised a variety of competitive games for all the children to participate in. All of the children tried their best to model sportsmanship.

We had a great day at Can Do and it was a great way to make connections to our unit of inquiry.